Artist Profile – Joel Cameron

Joel Cameron is a self taught Sydney based artist with projects ranging from illustration to sculpture. Joel’s technique and style is the unique practice of “Dimensional Illustration” fusing illustrated styles with sculpture to create another dimension for an image to exist in. … Continue reading

Artist Profile – Sharon Kitching

Sharon’s work explores the interaction between colour and the psychological aspects of portraiture. Influenced by historical photography and an interest in true crime, her paintings are often portraits of people who might have existed. Mainly painting in oils, she tends towards … Continue reading

Artist Profile – Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt works in printmaking (primarily etching), watercolour, collage and ceramics. She has a deep interest in the history and aesthetics of German Renaissance print-making, caricature and absurdist and satirical publications. Emily completed her Master of Fine Arts (Print Media) … Continue reading

Artist Profile – Lilly Blue

Lilly Blue is an artist, educator, publisher and mother currently based in Sydney, Australia. With a background in physical performance, installation and community arts, her current practice is driven by an ongoing interest in co-authorship, documentation, figurative personal landscapes, visibility, conflict, attention, … Continue reading

Artist Profile – Garry Trinh

Garry Trinh is an artist working with photography. He holds a BA in Psychology and a BA in Visual Communications / Photography and Digital Imaging from the University of Western Sydney. Trinh was the winner of the Sydney Life photography prize in 2007 … Continue reading

Artist Profile: Danilo Brandao

Danilo Brandao’s collages and illustrations are born out of Urban art, the commingling of paint, typography and digital imagery creating pictures that are both an experiment in process and an attempt to create a beautiful picture that subverts commercial advertorials … Continue reading

Artist Profile: Simon Yates

 In his efforts to build a complete parallel universe, Simon Yates has made robot alter egos, functioning invisibility devices, and magical bicycles where mice run inside the wheels.  Working on a shoestring budget, he has set out to prove that … Continue reading

Artist Profile: Sarah Goffman

Sarah Goffman has extensive exhibition history since 1992, in Australia and overseas.  Her large range of works centre around site-specific projects and installation with mixed media; predominantly using trash and found objects which she transforms and re-contextualises focusing on consumer … Continue reading

Artist Profile: Jonathan Howard

Jonathan launched his label Hatmaker in 2006 with the opening of his boutique in Sydney. Since then, Hatmaker has become a staple within the Australian Fashion industry, regularly featured in high-end fashion magazines and catwalk collaborations. Jonathan was the first milliner … Continue reading