Further Re:Make Finds

Before we reveal the Re:make artists we thought we’d present snippets of a few more of the artworks we’ve found over the past year.

Once you start looking for something, it appears more often than you’d expect. So it would be quite common for us to be walking along and see a scene like this one:

remake1 Whereas once upon a time we would have kept walking, now we have become pavement discard connoisseurs. Here are a few more of our finds.

Remake Dark Pic

Some kind of dark magic on this small canvas.

Remake hearts

We found plenty of artworks with Pollock-esque splatters.


Mystery characters of the street…¬†

Now to the next stage of the Re:make journey: meeting our artists. We’ll be profiling our artists and revealing the artworks they are transforming throughout January.


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