East Sydney High School


The sale of artworks from the Re:make project will raise funds for East Sydney High School, a unique community school which has been operating in Darlinghurst since 1976.

The school provides access to education for students who have had difficulty accessing mainstream schooling. It runs a Year 9 and 10 program with the focus on creating a supportive environment to teengage students who, for many reasons, find themselves marginalised and disengaged from the school system.

Operating on William Street in Darlinghurst, the school is hidden away above street level. A handpainted arrow points to the stairs, directing you upwards. It seems an unlikely place for a school at first, but once inside the classrooms it’s a familiar environment. Students attend classes from 10am – 2pm in core subjects: English, Maths, Science, History and Geography.


The school also offers project-based work in areas of the individual students’ interests – these are often creative projects. It is this area where Re:make aims to make a difference, contributing funds from the sale of Re:make artworks to develop an art program for ESHS students.


Artist Profile – Joel Cameron

Profile Pic

Joel Cameron is a self taught Sydney based artist with projects ranging from illustration to sculpture. Joel’s technique and style is the unique practice of “Dimensional Illustration” fusing illustrated styles with sculpture to create another dimension for an image to exist in.

His work explores themes of nature, spiritual and tribal symbolism contrasted to technology and futurism to evoke a future primitive state. Joel had his debut solo exhibition in 2013 “Balances” which explored the fragile balance of waking life and other worldly realms through a series of prints, paintings and sculpture.

See more of Joel’s work at www.westobjects.com

Joel will be transforming a cabinet of mystery for Re:make.

joel artwork

Artist Profile – Sharon Kitching

sharon exhibition

Sharon’s work explores the interaction between colour and the psychological aspects of portraiture. Influenced by historical photography and an interest in true crime, her paintings are often portraits of people who might have existed. Mainly painting in oils, she tends towards small scale figurative compositions. Kitching’s current series explores the psychological aspects of dualism in portraiture using  historical medical etchings and popular cultural references from the era of the sideshow.

In 2012 Sharon’s exhibition ‘Shifty Women, Dirty Rats ‘,  featuring work based on found 1920s mugshots, was shown at A-M gallery in Newtown, Sydney. Her works-in-progress blog can be found at deepwarren.tumblr.com.

Sharon is working on one of the Unknown Portraits for Re:make.

Remake Various Heads 1

Artist Profile – Emily Hunt

emily hunt

Emily Hunt works in printmaking (primarily etching), watercolour, collage and ceramics. She has a deep interest in the history and aesthetics of German Renaissance print-making, caricature and absurdist and satirical publications.

Emily completed her Master of Fine Arts (Print Media) at Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney in 2011. Also in 2011 she undertook an Erasmus Exchange Scholarship and studied ceramics at Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst in Ghent, Belgium. In 2013, she undertook a mentorship at the Zentrum für Keramik (Center for Ceramics) in Berlin where she worked with ceramics master, Thomas Hirschler.

Her solo exhibitions include The Meister of New Holland, Ratskeller Litchenberg, Berlin (2009) and One Hundred Years War at Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney (2007). Emily is represented by The Commercial gallery, which recently presented Emily’s solo show Soiled.

You can see more of Emily’s work at www.emilyhuntartist.com

Emily is working with the faceless ladies portrait for Re:make.

Yellow ladies pic

Artist Profile – Lilly Blue

Lilly Blue

Lilly Blue is an artist, educator, publisher and mother currently based in Sydney, Australia. With a background in physical performance, installation and community arts, her current practice is driven by an ongoing interest in co-authorship, documentation, figurative personal landscapes, visibility, conflict, attention, and reaction.

Recent bodies of work include ‘Infinite Proximity’, ‘Conversations’, ‘Monsters’ and large-scale work (currently) in progress ‘I am not a dancer’ together with dancer/writer Jo Pollitt. Lilly draws together her interests and international experience in the creation of the contemporary arts publication BIG Kids Magazine which places children and artist side by side, and disrupts hierarchies to trigger a generous and curious reading of art making and an expansive process of creative response. Lilly has been commissioned by Sydney Opera House, co-works, Circus Yoga and myriad private investors, and is represented by Art2muse in Sydney and LWS in Paris.

Lilly will be working with Little Boxes for Re:make.


Artist Profile – Kathy Luu

Kathy Luu

Kathy describes her photography: “The nature of my work varies between still and moving images, but always involving people and the stories and feelings they evoke. I am lured in by the way visuals and color palettes affect our feelings, I am curious to how the movement of a human body can say so much, and when I see a lone figure in a photo, I wonder if I am them. I then wonder what will happen next, what new dawn is waiting wanting to come.”

See more of Kathy’s work at www.kathyluu.com.au

Kathy will be working on The Girl on the Beach for Re:make.

Artist Profile – Garry Trinh

Garry Trinh

Garry Trinh is an artist working with photography. He holds a BA in Psychology and a BA in Visual Communications / Photography and Digital Imaging from the University of Western Sydney.

Trinh was the winner of the Sydney Life photography prize in 2007 and won the Auburn Mayoral Photographic Prize in 2009 and 2010. His photo book Just Heaps Surprised to be Alive was nominated for Photography Book of the Year at the 4th International Photo book Festival at Kassel, Germany. His work has been exhibited at the Australian Centre for Photography, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Blacktown Arts Centre, Stills Gallery, Gallery 4A and many others.

Trinh uses photography to capture unexpected and spontaneous moments in daily life and to express his personal ideas. He is perplexed by the perception of artists as coffee-drinking loafers who work whenever they feel like it. He doesn’t even drink coffee. His photographs are about a way of looking at the world, to reveal magic in the mundane. He hopes his photographs are read not just seen. He is never bored.

You can view more of Garry’s work at www.garrytrinh.com

Garry will be working with a series of found photos for Re:make.




Artist Profile – Inga Dalrymple

Inga D

Inga is a painter and a high school teacher. In the 90s Inga studied fine art at the National Art School in Darlinghurst. She is influenced by a wide range of styles and mediums but is mostly drawn to abstraction, in which colour and shape are elements to be played with. To see more of Inga’s work visit her site: ingadalrymple.net

Inga will be working on one of Re:make’s landscape paintings.

Inga landscape remake

Artist Profile: Danilo Brandao


Danilo Brandao’s collages and illustrations are born out of Urban art, the commingling of paint, typography and digital imagery creating pictures that are both an experiment in process and an attempt to create a beautiful picture that subverts commercial advertorials to create their own surreal narrative.

Spontaneity plays a key role in Brandao’s work, each picture different, layered with a variety of images until a single idea comes forth before being over painted to bind the elements together and give the collages a sense of textural depth and colour.

This combination of fine art processes and graphic sensibility give Brandao’s work a complexity and aesthetic beauty that is entirely its own, an original statement of graphic endeavor.

See more of Danilo’s work at danilobrandao.com.

Danilo will be working on Secret Flowers for Re:make.

Remake Floral

Artist Profile: Simon Yates

Michelle Hanlin 4 In his efforts to build a complete parallel universe, Simon Yates has made robot alter egos, functioning invisibility devices, and magical bicycles where mice run inside the wheels.  Working on a shoestring budget, he has set out to prove that all you need to improve the world is cardboard, tissue paper and things other people have dumped on the side of the road, with a pinch of genius to stick it all together. His robots and sculptures have been exhibited in major galleries in Australia such as the MCA and ACCA and a survey of his recent work at Inventions in Other Dimensions. More recent work can be seen at his blog Space Wizards.

He’ll be working his magic on the Yoko Ono Canvas for Re:make.

painting to see the room 2

Artist Profile: Sarah Goffman

_DSC7705Sarah Goffman has extensive exhibition history since 1992, in Australia and overseas.  Her large range of works centre around site-specific projects and installation with mixed media; predominantly using trash and found objects which she transforms and re-contextualises focusing on consumer exchanges and the metaphysical.  She also writes and performs as Lucy the psychiatrist from the cartoon “Peanuts”.  In the last four years she has been a recipient of various Japanese residencies, looking at customs and aesthetics.  Her work has graduated as a result of this, including performance and video rituals.

Career highlights include Paradise Found at Tin Sheds Gallery, Trashcan Dreams with The Performance Space, Situation at the MCA and a solo show Plastici at Penrith Regional Gallery, converting Margot Lewer’s home into a Japanese show room.   Most recently Sarah has exhibited a series of past and present works at Gallery 9, Maximalist Tokonoma. She is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong.


Artist Profile: Jonathan Howard

Jonathan Howard

Jonathan launched his label Hatmaker in 2006 with the opening of his boutique in Sydney. Since then, Hatmaker has become a staple within the Australian Fashion industry, regularly featured in high-end fashion magazines and catwalk collaborations.

Jonathan was the first milliner to be awarded ‘Best Australian Fashion Accessory Designer’ at the ‘Prix de Marie Claire’ in 2009. The ability to translate his visionary ideas into a beautiful finished product is what has made Hatmaker a collectable Australian label.

For Re:make, Jonathan is working with the mysterious Double Nude.Nude Remake 2